Eric Schoch

Eric Schoch is an Indianapolis photographer exploring shapes, line, color and tone in images of the city and the countryside, and in portraits.

A native of Indianapolis, he received degrees in history and urban studies from the University of Michigan and the University of Chicago, and worked more than 40 years as a journalist and science writer. His parents specialized in chemistry and mathematics. All of which may help explain why his art leans toward formalism, but he believes content is important.

He began taking photographs in the early 1970s, developing and printing black and white film. He also has many boxes of 35 mm slides waiting to be scanned. He now works almost exclusively in digital, aside from dabbling in cyanotypes. 

He is self-taught in photography, and has been influenced by workshops and seminars with John Paul Caponigro in Maine, Sam Abell on Whidbey Island, Wash., Art Wolfe in the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Olympic Peninsula, and Thom Hogan in Patagonia and South Africa.

He has shown work at the Indiana Landmarks Center, Five Seasons Studio and M10 Studio in Indianapolis, the Clark Gallery at the Honeywell Center in Wabash, Ind., the Opera House Gallery of Contemporary Art in Delphi, Ind., and in Black and White magazine. He is a member of the Full Circle Nine artist cooperative in Indianapolis.