Tatjana Gordon

Tatjana Gordon has been an artist her whole life. She remembers her first painting of a sunlit tree against a backdrop of a building, while looking from her family’s apartment window, that she made as a pre-teen. It was done in an impressionist style inspired by a book on the history of Impressionism received as an award from her elementary school in Beograd, Serbia.

She was born in Croatia, lived her early years in Serbia, and lived in the USA since 1987. She graduated from the Herron School of Art, IUPUI in 1999.

She has worked as a picture framer, calligrapher, Parent Liaison for IPS, and most currently as a medical interpreter for the Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian immigrants.

She is a mom of twin boys, both currently sophomores in College.

She feels that life transitions influenced her to constantly reinvent herself as a person and an artist. There were many “pauses” in her art making as the life and responsibilities would demand her whole attention.

Throughout all of her art, whether a painting, a watercolor, or a print, there’s a common thread of her love of nature. If not entirely representational, it is evident through the pattern and color. We are yet to see where the most current phase in her life will take her as an artist!