FC9 The Gallery

Mike Meares • Head of the Household
Joy Hernandez • Titan
Robin Frost-Bess • Life Scaled
Dawn Cooper • Aurora Desk • acrylic paint, epoxy resin and mica powder on wooden desk
Nathan Winship Smith
Sydney McQuade Otto • Donked
Steve Van De Vanter
Melissa Cain • Happy Place
Dawn Cooper • Snakes & Arrows • acrylic on particle board
Sarah Rae Cote
Indiana • Travis Owens
Eric Schoch
Eric Schoch
Kimberly Ewing • St. Martin
Melissa Cain • Cat Keychains
Andrew Koeling
Steve Van De Vanter
Wayne Bertsch
Mike Meares • Fender Struggle
Kimberly Ewing • The Birds
Sydney McQuade Otto • Rooted in Red
Wayne Bertsch • Wonder Woman
Nathan Winship Smith • Vessel with UFOs and Burgers
Joy Hernandez • Jupiter Fishing
Donna Jo Monroe • Flower Garden
Terence Loftus
Melissa Cain • Beach Triptych
Sydney McQuade Otto • Pole Star
Nathan Winship Smith
Melissa Cain • Resin Honey Bee Coasters
Joy Hernandez • Tuning In
Andrew Koeling
Dawn Cooper • Tequila Moonrise • acrylic on canvas
Donna Jo Monroe • Fire Blossoms
Tatjana Gordon
Mike Meares • Puppet
Dawn Cooper • Freewill • acrylic on canvas
Dawn Cooper • Aurora 19 • acrylic on canvas
Sarah Rae Cote
Joy Hernandez • When Are These Families Gonna Rise Up
The Cafe
Eva Glöckner
Tatjana Gordon
13x19 framed 20x26
Ruth Kelly • School Bus on 38th Street
Andrew Koeling
Joy Hernandez • Quixote Bot
Melissa Cain • Jellyfish in Resin
Terrence Loftus
Robin Frost-Bess • Bird on Cactus
FC9 Crew 2021