Robin Frost-Bess

Robin Frost-Bess

I am passionate about bringing memories and images to life through color and texture. My hope is that my pieces will bring a smile to your face or remind you of something special.

I come from a family of artists. My mother and grandmothers were accomplished artists, so it’s in my blood. In fact, one of my first pieces of art, made as a child, was a kitten made of paper.

I spent most of my adulthood raising four kids with my husband, working full time and just doing life. In this next phase, I am realizing that I am the most centered when I am creating stories on canvas. I returned to my roots when I began working with torn paper. While my technique has evolved, my love of using paper and texture has remained.

What inspires me?

I’m inspired by the places I’ve traveled and the places I still want to go.

I’m inspired by artwork from different cultures.

I’m inspired by nature.

I’m inspired by my beautiful family.

I’m inspired by you.