Nathan Winship Smith, “In-Process Works” for September First Friday

August 11, 2023

Indianapolis, IN— The Full Circle Nine Gallery (FC9) will feature ceramicist Nathan Winship Smith with “In-Process Works,” a sneak peek into his mind and current bodies of work. The show will premiere as part of the First Friday art tour, 6-9pm on Friday, September 1st. Admission and parking are free.

Nathan Winship Smith’s sneak peek will focus on two bodies of work Smith is currently exploring. One, more sculptural and the other of a functional-utilitarian nature; both bodies of work feature Smith’s exploration into social construction, how we become who we become, the views we hold, the conditioning that shapes those views, and the sometimes-absurd aspect of humanness.

“We are bombarded with imagery every day and take in and digest (consciously or unaware) tens of thousands of images a day,” Nathan Winship Smith said. “These images also make an impression on us and the way we view and understand the world. It is amazing to me how taking two seemingly unrelated images and placing them together reveal new ideas and messages, and for me this can create thoughtful absurdity and humor which adds additional meaning to a given artwork.”

About Nathan Winship Smith

“I enjoy using clay as a foundation for artwork because of its versatility and that it can speak to history and the permanency with the finished ceramic material,” Smith said. “Ideas are conceived and fluid, seemingly permanent yet in a state of movement and change, much like clay. Like humans, clay responds to impression, and this adds another layer of meaning for me. The use of imagery and drawing are important aspects of the creative process when constructing ideas that reference human-social situations.”

Nathan Winship Smith is an Indianapolis native that attended Herron School of Art and Design for a Bachelor of Fine Art and the University of Notre Dame for Graduate School. He now teaches at Ivy Tech in Indianapolis, as well as owns and manages the Beech Grove Clay Works. Nathan Winship Smith has been a member of the Full Circle Nine Gallery almost from the start, and is now a board member. Between all of these as well as family responsibilities, Smith finds moments to pursue his own art at every opportunity, the results presented in this show.

Nathan Winship Smith presents “In-Process Works” at Full Circle Nine Gallery in September