Epoxy Experiments
Playing ink, paint, even glitter, into artistic reactions.

Acrylic on Anything That Can’t Get Away
Whimsical abstracts, landscapes, florals and nature.

Flow Art
Colorful, Abstract, Flow Art.

Shapes, line, color and tone.

Digitally Altered Photography
Cameras and computers creating dreams.

Acrylic and Aerosol
Pop-Graffiti with astronauts and robots.

Acrylic Expression
Exploration of self and the world we live in.

Scenic Photography
Freezing moments, capturing extraordinary details in ordinary objects.

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Acrylic Abstract
Ethereal, emotional fantastical.

Pastel Passion
Exploring imagination, rooted in emotions and experiences of life.

Modern Archeology
An ancient feel with a current twist, and clay for days.

Paper Mixed Media
Creating texture and colorful shapes with paper.

Urban Nature Photography
The paradox of closeness and distance in each photo.

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Illustrative Acrylic
Pop culture and imaginative reality.

Oil and Acrylic Paintings, Wood Sculpture
Surreal and early inspirations; vibrant and dark.

Painter and Sculptor
Passion for the beauty of imperfection evident in the abstract impressionistic.

Color and Texture
Nature and abstract concepts.

Drips, Drops, and Swirls
Abstract explorations of color.

Space and Time
Fantasmic dreamscapes.

Bold Explorations
Abstract culture.

Oils, Digital, Mixed Media
Exploring Emotions.

Edgy Pop Art
Abstract explorations of color and celebrity.

In Memoriam