Jim Kirk

Jim “Captain” Kirk is a lifelong Indianapolis resident. In the mid-1970s, he took an interest in photography. He acquired an old Nikon film camera (yes, film) with a broken light meter that changed his life. With much trial and error, he became a professional photographer. After 30+ years, with way too many weddings, portraits, dance recitals, and funerals under his belt, he decided to hang it up. At that point, Kirk became interested in Digital Altered Photography, using digital photograph editing software to create something other than a photograph. His creations are wide ranging. Some look like enhanced photographs, while others are more surreal looking; resembling something like a fantasy or painting. In the process, he is able to create images that he could only see in his head but was unable to create using only the photographic process.

Kirk is a self-taught photographer. He’ll tell you he is not completely self-taught. He badgered every photographer he could find for criticism, tips and ideas. He used his friends and family as subjects, whether they wanted him to or not. Kirk taught photography at the Indianapolis Free University. Besides being a photographer, Jim also worked for many years in photographic dark rooms, both commercial and engineering. The process of being able to shape the final product by using dark room techniques eventually led him to what he’s doing now with digital manipulation. Now the possibilities of creating an altered picture actually drives the way the photograph is taken.

Some of his favorite subjects are beach/ocean scenes, sunsets, southern style architecture, outdoor landscapes and old vehicles, especially Volkswagens!

Jim’s other interests include cooking, beer and wine making, making and listening to music, and old Volkswagens.