Andrew Koeling

Although a scientist by education, Andrew turned his eye to creation in order to allow his mind to wander and play.

Andrew Koeling is a graduate of Ball State University. Science is constrained in certain ways as it attempts to deconvolute the world into small, easy to digest chunks and makes steps to deconstructe the world around us to make concepts more palatable…but Andrew felt it was necessary to give himself another outlet in order to express a side of himself that he felt was being lost in the grind of the ever common 9-5. Science teaches us how to understand the world around us, but art allows us to experience it. Merely learning to know how something occurs doesn’t give it meaning, and Andrew elects to try to give the beauty he sees around him greater purpose.

Most of Andrew’s work is abstract, and uses a variety of mixed mediums that are atypical in two-dimensional art. Using his knowledge of chemistry and biology, he attempts to use different materials than just canvas and acrylics, and instead examines the viscosity of fluids, the way certain polymers might interact with one another, and for ways to use his background to further his art. His inspirations range from the mundane to the monumental, from the biological world to that of the imagination.

Nearly all of his works have a poem that Andrew wrote in order to act as a point of inspiration to the piece, which can be read whenever his pieces are viewed in person (or by inquiry).