Nathan Winship Smith

Nathan Winship Smith is an Indianapolis native who has been working in the medium of clay for over fifteen years.  His work is inspired by humor, artifacts, and social commentary.  In a world of paradox where society abhors violence yet celebrates it in entertainment,  celebrates health and well being yet scarfs down junk-food, Nathan’s work aims to poke fun at the absurdity and hypocrisy we confront daily and highlight issues of gender, social construction, and general human awareness.  
Nathan has been an active member of Full Circle Nine Gallery since 2017, was  and is pleased to be a part of a cooperative gallery experience.  He has earned his Bachelors of Fine Art from Herron School of Art & Design, and his Masters of Fine Art from the University of Notre Dame. 

He currently creates his work out of Beech Grove Clay Works, a community based ceramic studio, where he teaches and manages its daily operations.