Our Building Location

The Circle City Industrial Complex is a huge building. With 363,000 square feet, it can feel like a maze.

The Full Circle Nine Gallery is in the South Studios side of the building, in the end closer to downtown Indianapolis, and nearer to the Centerpoint Brewing.

There are a set of double doors under a black awning. One side is the door to Day Won Fitness, the other is the door to the South Studios.

Once inside the South Studios, go straight back to a set of wooden double doors, look for the FC9 sign guiding you to take a right down a long hallway. We are at the end of the hall, yellow door on the left.

The middle entrance of the building, surrounded by a black marble facade, is also available, and offers an accessibility ramp, as well as an elevator to the second floor. To get to us from that entrance, just veer to the left once inside.

Feel free to check out our neighbors’ studios, too.