Kimberly Ewing

I am Kimberly Ewing, a native of Indianapolis. As a teenager and young adult, it was not uncommon to see a camera in my hands at every event, no matter how big or small.  While attending the University of Indianapolis, I decided to refine my passion for photography by taking a few classes.  My mother, of course, was not happy after I told her how much my new hobby was going to cost her, but she fully supported me anyway (thanks mom).   Soon afterwards, I was introduced to my first 35mm Pentax camera which gave me the opportunity to learn how to develop film in the darkroom.  Working in the darkroom was the coolest experience because I was able to watch my pictures come to life right before my eyes.  After finishing three photography classes, I guess you could say I was hooked.

Over the years, I have owned many different cameras but my current camera of choice is the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200.  Thirty-five years after my early experience with photography in college, I still carry my camera everywhere I go; creating pictures from dancing waves in the ocean, the warm glow of the setting sun, people all across a diverse spectrum, animals both tame and wild, and scenes in nature meant to feel extraordinarily ordinary.  My family and friends continue to encourage me to share my work which I am proud to say has brought joy to many.  Currently my photography is displayed on canvas, prints, greeting cards and coffee mugs.  My work can be viewed and purchased at Full Circle Nine Gallery which is located in the Circle City Complex at 1125 Brookside Ave. Ste. B23 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Portion of all proceeds goes to Bullying Prevention and Breast Cancer Awareness.

I am very passionate about raising awareness and monies for Susan G. Komen for the Cure in memory of my beautiful and beloved mother, Burma Jean Ewing.  My mother lost her fight with Breast Cancer in 2009 but Burma’s Dream Team continues to fight on.  I hope you can join Burma’s Dream Team one year as we walk for a cure every April in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Additionally, I am  the owner of KDE Motivates.  I have been a motivational speaker, consultant,  trainer and life coach for 25 years, speaking all over the country to faculty, staff, students, parents and community leaders on Bullying, Leadership, and Diversity.  I am a Certified Olweus Bullying Prevention Trainer and a certified Diversity Trainer.  I am dedicated to bullying prevention, developing leaders, empowering students and celebrating diversity.  I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communications from the University of Indianapolis and a Master of Science Degree in Student Affairs and Higher Education from Indiana State University. I am the proud founder of Today’s Black Women which was established in 1988 at Vincennes University.  For fun I love to travel, write quotes, take pictures, explore, take long walks (where I do my best thinking), swim, and spend quality time with my family and friends.