Our Story

Our Story

We’re artists.

We wanted something different. We wanted a gallery home for our art, for our patrons to find us. We wanted a place where we could enjoy each others’ company, where we could meet new friends, where others could enjoy our art, where they could make our art part of their homes, where we could do all of this on a regular basis.

So we created it.

The space that is now the Full Circle Nine Gallery was a part of a car factory, in a previous life. It’s concrete and cinder block, and was a little rough when we found it. At some point, it’d been part of the work space for previous artists, but not really a show space. We have no choice but to go for “industrial chic.”

It has great natural light, from the sawtooth-style factory roof. It had a wooden piece covering an unexpected doorway to another room. (Surprise!). It had concrete floors. It didn’t have electricity.

We fixed all of that. We painted the walls, we cleaned the floors, and, yes, we added electricity.

Who are we?

We are a group of artists who have shown around Indianapolis and the surrounding area over the years. Some of us have been at this longer than others, and we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Our work is diverse, in media, subject matter, and personality. We bring a lot to the table.

We’ve become friends and are even like a family. It’s cliche, but it’s true. We have our patriarch, our leader, our heart, our soul, our sense, our steadiness, and our brain. And we haven’t even tried to tear each other apart.

Really, we all get along, and we all support each other, in our art, but also in our lives. We are friends who have art in common, and we genuinely like hanging out with and working with each other.

We are proud of what we’ve done here. We’ve all had various degrees of gallery experience, but, for most of us, this is the first time starting a gallery from scratch. It hasn’t been easy, there’s been nerves, pain, even a little blood, but we’ve learned (sometimes the hard way), and we’ve conquered.

Our story is just beginning, to be continued…