Sarah Rae Cote

I have always been an artist. As a child, I remember little interests in toys; I was fixated on using art products. My parents encouraged my ability and I participated heavily in art classes and competitions.

I am determined to be as successful a professional artist as possible, while keeping within my hometown of Indianapolis. My current focus is acrylic paint on canvas, as well as custom paint apparel. Many of my compositions are decidedly figurative involving the human form but my more illustrative works are personified animal characters.

I have illustrated for local children’s authors, which was a delightful endeavor. Most recently I’ve been challenging myself with some request for abstract works. A substantial amount of my art hours are spent fulfilling commissioned pieces of pets or geeky mashup cartoons.

With my art I celebrate color and movement. Often creating a new reality that makes me smile. Some of my works are done from life, many just flow from my brush subconsciously. With my efforts to feature my art in more locations I began broadening my subject of my compositions, to fit any audience.

Contact me to make an order, I can fit any budget. Thank you for your support.