Terrence Loftus

“Each concept always seems to lead me to another, a new path, a maze of sorts.”

Terrence Loftus was born in Chicago, IL, and lived briefly in Salt Lake City, UT, before relocating to Indianapolis in 2005. Artistically self-taught, his style has progressed along with the circumstances of his life. His inability, early on, to afford acrylic paint and usable brushes led Loftus to his current media of latex wall paint and squirt bottles. “The concepts of just simply making it work, and finding a way, are phrases I live by,” said Loftus. “If I need thicker paint, I will add something to it. If I need it thinner, I will do the same. Household items, such as nails, thumb tax, candle wax, colognes, strainers, perfumes, rubbing alcohol, cheese graters, and funnels are common in my work space.”

Terrence Loftus has always had an interest in graphic and bold works of art, as well as the chaotic “splatter” style. “Over the years, my work has progressed from bold, never-ending circles, to graphic crime scenes on canvas. I love my style because I’m always figuring out new ways to create detail,” said Loftus. Each color combination represents a new thought or sparks a new memory for Loftus, and that will carry him throughout the creation to the completion of each painting.




Drips Swirls Drops