Molly Young Meier

As a small child, maybe 6 or 7, I would make and cut out tiny drawings the size of a quarter of giraffes and unicorns and hide them around the house.  When my parents would find them, a smile would cross their face and it would make me happy. I think this was the beginning of my Art Therapy career.  I learned that art can play a big role in our wellness and can lift mood.

I majored in Studio Art with a focus in ceramic sculpture and minored in psychology at Illinois State University. I received my MA in Art Therapy from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Before settling down in Indianapolis I moved around a bit, living in New Mexico and different parts of Colorado as well as volunteering with Americorp in Southern CO. I fell in love with the landscape out west, the trees and mountains, especially the Aspen.  This is when I shifted into painting mainly landscapes. Connecting with nature in this way feels spiritual to me. I look deep into myself and see the joy and the pain and connect those feelings with my work. I tend to focus mostly on the joy… Making art made me feel good when I was 6 years old and it still does.  I have made a career out of helping people use art to discover insight and healing and find making my own art incredibly satisfying, bringing clarity and a sense of accomplishment.

My hope is that viewers of my art feel a sense of calm and spirit. I would love for my art to help people feel more connected with the earth around us and to understand the mental and physical health benefits of art and of nature. But truly, even if viewers of my art don’t experience any of that, anytime someone connects with my work I feel honored!

I live and work in Indianapolis/Broad Ripple area. My husband and our two boys are an inspiration and huge support to me.