Matt Hall

I was born in Salem Indiana in 1973.

Growing up as a child I always wanted to live in Indy and moved here 20 years ago and made it my home. I received my BFA from Herron School of Art & Design and a MA from UIndy. It has always been important to my to maintain local integrity and support the local economy.

The genre I explore is best described as Neo-Dada. I have been heavily influenced by the works of Marcel Duchamp and Robert Rauschenberg. As the Dada movement was a reaction to the first World War; my work revisits the Dada concepts as a reaction to contemporary issues such as terrorism, technology and hyperrealism. I learned counterterrorism and observation as a scout in the Army National Guard, this skill set has been useful as an artist.

My technique involves collage combine and assemblage. My work is informed by science and historic technology. My work is a synthesis of repurposed found objects and contemporary issues in science and philosophy; it juxtaposes the antiquated with the cutting edge. I have used scientific method and technology to create masterpieces of perfection, drawing on top secret algorithms manipulating the principles of art aesthetics to form works of art that render all previous masterpieces in art history obsolete.