Marcus Collins

“This show is me seeing our world. I love to see what others see. I also love to show them how I see it, and, if possible, show that I can see it differently than you. I live for darks and lights. I live for close-ups and far aways. Your eyes see one thing, let me show you another. Exhale…squeeze…now breathe…Click!”

Marcus Collins has been an ardent photographer since his high school years holding as idols not those on the gridiron or basketball court but those who shoot through a Canon or Nikon lens.

“Gordon Parks and Ansel Adams have been inspirations,” Collins said. “The medium they worked in was black and white, but I found comfort in the shadows and landscapes and I incorporate drastic darkness into as many of my own photos as possible.”

Collins has worked in the ‘non-fake’ news media for more than 35 years, has been nominated for seven Emmy awards and has been the recipient of numerous Society of Professional Journalist, Indiana News Photographer, and Associated Press awards. He is a member of the National Press Photographers Association. When not working or carrying a camera, he can be found with a microphone in hand, belting out a favorite karaoke tune.

“I have always loved shooting photographs, from weddings and families to landscapes and nature,” Collins said. “Capturing that moment to share with the world—it’s a great feeling; it’s magic.”