Jeannie Bogue

Jeannie Bogue

I believe that to love art is to love life. Whether this is appreciating the artistic beauty and design found in nature, musical compositions, film, photography, poetry or the creative expression of the visual artist. It is what knits us together in this beautiful tapestry of life.

Although, I have always had a strong creative flame and it has taken many different forms throughout my life visual art has been the one thing that has always been consistent in my life.

Like old friends my paintbrushes and canvases beckon for me to join them in an active meditation which allows my soul and spirit to express themselves. As a trauma and C-PTSD survivor painting in many ways not only became a coping mechanism but also the action of painting was the way in which I found healing. Applying paint to canvas is like shining a light on the obscure parts of myself that remained hidden among the shadows.

In my creative process I am a very intuitive painter. I not only express my own emotions and thoughts into my work but also use music to help cultivate the mood, energy in my pieces. Great composers such as Thomas Bergersen, Zach Hemsey, Paul Cardall, Philip Wesley, Nick Cave and Warren Ellis inspire the movements and the colors I choose. From the dramatic movie scores that gave birth to my series Epic to the softer more mediative compositions that developed my series Meditative Calm, music is just as much a part of my artworks as the emotions and narratives of my life that beg to be expressed.

It is an honor to witness when a person connects to a piece of my work. When a viewer who experiences a stir of deep emotions and meaningful connection to their inner spirit from just looking at one of my pieces? I am always humbled. This is one of the most rewarding privileges as an artist and I am grateful by these meaningful engaging experiences.

I reside in Cambridge City, Indiana. It is a small town known for its quaint antique shops, eateries and close knit community. Besides visual art I also enjoy a myriad of creative hobbies such as composing music and writing. I share my life with my loving husband, Four children, our herd of cats and our big fun loving Chocolate lab Branson who is always eager to give slobbery kisses.

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