Alcohol Inks,
Free and colorful movement.
Art is the weapon,
Imagination is the ammunition.

I am from Beech Grove, Indiana, born and raised.  When I was young, a couple lived three doors down from us. They were professors at John Herron.  They recognized my talent and encouraged me to work at it and let it flow.  I am basically self taught, other than art class for four years in high school.

Over the many years, I have worked in a variety of mediums, searching for that one that really gives me the freedom I like to have and work with.  Finding it in the use of Alcohol Inks. They give me what I need to express myself more.

For as long as I can remember, color has always been front and center for me. Color expresses feelings, moods and emotions. Color is what tells the art pieces story. And Alcohol Inks do that for me.

No matter what medium I work in, my goal is to pull you into that piece of work. And if that happens, then I have accomplished my goal.

I not only work in alcohol inks, I also do mural work in businesses and homes.  My canvas is just about anything you can imagine.