Danielle J. Scott

Inspired by the world around me, I often blend shapes with the theme of nature into intricate and unique ink drawings and mixed media creations. It energizes me to hear people discussing the different things they see in my artwork. It reminds me of children pointing at clouds and the game they play where they say what they think the shape is. They may see a dragon while their friend may see something totally different and equally wonderful. For this reason, I often interweave subtle details into my art just to keep the viewer looking for more.

My camera and sketchpad are never far from my side. Though predominantly abstract, my artwork is greatly influenced by my love of nature and travel. I have been blessed to visit 33 of the states in the US and nearly a dozen countries around the world. The beautiful elements of nature I photograph in my travels often serve as the inspiration for my drawings and mixed media paintings.

Hiking and kayaking are also some of my favorite activities because they bring me closer to things I enjoy photographing in nature. For example, I love drawing dead trees—the more gnarly, the better! However, I can also say it wouldn’t be uncommon to see me stopped by the side of a random road taking a photo, just because an old twisted tree or a colorful field of wild flowers has caught my eye.

It is often right in these moments, when I first visualize a project in my mind. Sometimes it is a field of trees or flowers. Another day, it might be a single leaf or even the shape of something that sticks in my mind and later transforms into one of my abstract drawings.

Artist Biography

Born in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1970, Danielle Scott is a fine artist whose intricate and abstract artwork celebrates the theme of nature. Scott primarily studied fine art under artist Kay Clay and has taken many hours of coursework in fine art and photography. 

Though she had been drawing most of her life, it was in 2009 that Mrs. Scott made her public art debut at the Oranje show. As her following grew, she decided to pursue a career in art full-time in the fall of 2014. Her art is in now in private collections in the United States and Germany and she is published in a textbook in South America. 

Additionally, her work has displayed at Mass Ave Wine, Wabash Brewery and the Broad Ripple Village Association in Indianapolis, Ind., Turning Over a New Leaf flower and gift shop in Gas City, Ind., Speedway Centre for the Arts (SCFA) in Speedway, Ind., and at the Frankfort Community Library, Frankfort, Ind., among many others. Ms. Scott’s previous memberships include the Indianapolis Downtown Artists and Dealers Association, the Art Bank, as well as the Speedway Centre for the Arts, where she also taught several art classes.

After much feedback, Ms. Scott recently created a collection of artwork for inclusion in an adults coloring book series. Many of the original drawings from that project are framed and included in her current portfolio of work on display in current exhibitions in the Indianapolis area and surrounding communities, and on her website.

Upon request, Ms. Scott’s ink drawings are available, in limited quantities, in a variety of sizes, for reproduction as prints, note and greeting cards. For information about artwork as well as availability of originals and prints, find Scott online at www.DanielleJScott.com