Ashley Louise

To write a summary of my works and passions is an anathema to me. To compress my passions into a single page, unthinkable. Thank you for reading this; I’m Ashley Louise, and I do fine art photography.

Photography enables me to assist in the creation of an experience for each client.

If I am creating sets for my individual shoots, I aim to create a dreamlike atmosphere from which the client can draw energy and feed it back into the camera. Allowing, then, viewers to glimpse a moment of the same. I enjoy playing with both the light and dark simultaneously, I love when I can pair something overly feminine and beautiful with a vibe that is rather androgynous. I find so much unique beauty in the contradictory visually, when they can dance together. My penchant for styling and fashion usually helps bring this to life.

The energy of my subjects is my inspiration at every shoot I take on the role of observer and allow the clients to dictate the ebbs and flows of the session. It is an intuitive and organic experience, rooted in fate, that we are creating together. With Home sessions, in particular, I seek to find the beauty in chaos, and I urge my clients to be unguarded and true to who they are, individually and as a unit.

Family portraiture is often cast in a static environment, and I believe it my duty to highlight patterns and I catch moments not poses – texture within each event. Often, the subjects are unaware of their propensity toward a certain element. From behind the camera, I go to great lengths to pull those elements together in a way that is both visually stunning and unique to the session. No two sessions are the same.

My portrait work feels a bit painterly and moody. I Usually lean into play with color stories and am most recognized for using creative and artful editing approaches.

To say I am dedicated to my craft is an underestimation. I am addicted to the energy exchange that is unique to photography. Getting the most out of the subject is arduous and can be a challenge but being able to deliver beautiful portraits energizes me for my next session. When a client gets a different perspective on his or her life or self – the untapped, underappreciated beauty that surrounds them daily, I feel that I did my job well.

When viewed by others, I hope to create an image you can feel.