Clay & Ceramic

Beech Grove Clay Works

Formed from the earth,
now in three dimensions.

Epic Acrylic & Watercolor

Jeannie Bogue

With a multifaceted approach, she creates in acrylic and watercolor, offering variations in styles that extend from expressionism, abstraction and representational.


Kimberly Ewing

Well-traveled and aware, bringing the sights and supporting the fight.

Abstract Mixed Media

Dan Haynes

Communicating through metal, bridging generations.

Pop Aerosol & Acrylic

Joy Hernandez

Nerd, pop, & trivia. All of those, together or separately. Bright colors always, commissions are welcome.

Abstract Epoxy

Andrew Koeling

Epoxy warrior with a side of paint. Uncover all the layers.

Digital Photography, Paint, Metal

Andrea Light

By day, she is an award-winning graphic designer. By night, she is an artist and silversmith.

Abstract Mixed Media

Terrence Loftus

Original Artwork. Spray and Wall paints on canvas, wood and cardboard. Custom color creations available. Love it? Share it.


Barbara Mangus-Hopkins

Traditional watercolors from a tenacious artist who has seen it all.


Robin Toulouse

Traveling memories transformed into three dimensions.

Mixed Media

Teresa Vazquez

Work fueled by the rendition of dream narratives, characters and imagery.